Charity Support



Having a business predominantly based around Indian food, we really wanted to get involved and give back to the people from a country who provide us with the wonderful recipes used to create our monthly Thali subscription boxes. We came across the charity Frank Water at a local fundraising event in Bristol and thought they would be a perfect charity to support.


FRANK Water, have been working to improve access to safe water, sanitation and hygiene across India since 2005. To date they have helped 330,000 people  in 300 communities, transforming their lives today and improving their prospects for tomorrow. Now working in India and Nepal, FRANK Water focuses on groups cut off from society by geography, poverty or caste. They include 100% of every community in their work, so that people take ownership over the water system that they’ve helped design and develop. In particular, they focus on the role of women and girls in communities as well as elderly and disabled people who are further marginalised by age, gender or health.

We donate 50p from each subscription sale to the charity with the hope it can mount up and make a real difference in the years to come.

Please take a moment to take a look at their website to find out more about the incredible work they do, and even get ideas on how you might like to fundraise to support the charity yourself.




Peace & Love

The Spice Sultan